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Norwich Union Direct Breakdown Cover

Unlike some other breakdown service providers, we do not charge a flat rate. We take into account your unique set of circumstances and calculate a premium according to whom you are.
This way, you will only pay for the service, which you are likely to need. We also provide a range of roadside assistance options that vary in cost (depending on your individual circumstances and cover chosen).
Breakdown Cover

Provider Prices
NU Rescue - Rescue, recovery, At Home and Onward Travel £67.99
Direct Line Recovery Plus £76.65
The AA £137.60

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Benefits of Norwich Union Rescue breakdown cover

  • 80% of vehicles fixed at the roadside†
  • Priority response if you're in a vulnerable situation
  • You build the breakdown insurance product you choose
  • 30% "No call out" discount for vehicles less than 12 years old**
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Excluding accidents and extreme failures. Source RAC: 1 Jan 07 to 31 Dec 07 ?** If you have not utilised a breakdown service in the past 12 months.
Vehicle based - our standard breakdown service. Your chosen vehicle is covered, regardless of who is driving
Personal** - this extends your service so you'll be covered in any car, whether you're the driver or the passenger
Joint personal** - this extends your service further so another named member of your household can enjoy exactly the same level of breakdown cover as you

"No call out" discount
Each call out made reduces your "no call out" discount, by a set amount, at renewal.
You have to pay an additional charge set by us for any additional call outs. This additional charge will be no less than £75 plus VAT. You have to pay this additional charge by credit or debit card when you telephone us to request assistance.
Battery related faults - our initial attendance for a battery-related fault is included in your entitlement. Our patrol will test your battery at that initial breakdown attendance and if the battery is no longer serviceable and so fails the test you will be advised to replace it.

If you call us out again and we identify the same fault as a problem caused by the same battery, you will have to pay an additional charge set by us which will be no less than £75 plus VAT (this call out will not affect your no call out discount). If we do not receive payment within 14 days of the invoice date we will cancel your policy without refund.

Your breakdown entitlement may increase or decrease if you change your cover options. However, you cannot change your breakdown cover option during the current period of cover if you have reached your maximum entitlement to call-outs.

Breakdown insurance summary of cover
Below is a table, which compares our breakdown insurance options to help you choose the right policy to suit your needs.
Find out further information on the policy or investigate the extra cover options you can add to your breakdown cover by selecting the benefits in the table below.

Cover Limits
Overall Limit unless otherwise stated £2,500
Our Services in United Kingdom
Rescue Overall limit applies
Recovery Overall limit applies
At home Overall limit applies
Onward travel Overall limit applies
Our Services in Europe
Roadside assistance £175
Spare parts dispatch Overall limit applies
Extra Accommodation expenses £35 per person for each night, up to £560
Journey continuation or return home Self-drive hire - up to 14 days
Replacement driver Overall limit applies
Vehicle break-in Overall limit applies
Accidental damage or loss of your tent £35 per person for each night, up to £560
Urgent message relay service Overall limit applies
Returning your car to the UK Overall limit applies
Customs claims indemnity Overall limit applies
Our Services after returning home
Travel expenses to collect your vehicle that has been left abroad for repair Overall limit applies
Replacement vehicle after you return £250
Breakdown Cover

Breakdown Offers
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