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Britannia Rescue Breakdown Cover

Britannia Rescue is UK's leading breakdown cover provider company, founded in 1983 by CSMA (Civil Service Motoring Association). Since the time it has been grown and added many financial products like insurance and financial services to its portfolio. Britannia Rescue offers the best breakdown cover products to its members or big organisation at low price. Britannia Rescue provides wide network of experience technicians throughout UK as well Europe.

Breakdown Cover

Breakdown Cover
Britannia Rescue offers different range of Breakdown Covers. You have a wide choice of Choosing suitable breakdown according to your preference or need.

Levels of Breakdown Covers

Roadside Assist
This is a basic cover and it provides roadside assistance if your car breakdown a mile from your home. If we can't fix your vehicle then towing facility will be provided by us and tow it to local garage or you can choose up ten miles from breakdown point of your choice. Breakdown cover price start from £29 a year.

Roadside and Home Assist
This policy offers you Roadside and Home Assist Cover which means if your car unable to start then we will come to your home to fix your car.

You will get a towing facility to local garage if we unable to fix your car roadside and moreover you can choose up to ten miles from the point of breakdown.

This breakdown covers price start from £55 year.

UK Recovery
This policy includes Breakdown and Recovery Assistance to fix your vehicle at roadside or take anywhere in UK if we unable to fix.

This policy also includes if you are only one to drive a car and in case you fall ill or injured than we' ll get you, your car and up to 7 passengers to your destination.

This breakdown covers price start from £65 a year.

UK Recovery and Home Assist
This breakdown cover provides you roadside assistance during breakdown or fixed your car at home and taken anywhere in UK if it can't be fixed. It includes some more elements as follow:

Alternative Arrangements- If your vehicle breakdown long away from your home and we unable to fix your car within 24 hours, than we get you a hire car, alternative transport or provides you overnight accommodation.

Help Collecting Your Car- If in case you want to collect your car afterwards, we'll pay back the cost of your rail ticket, all we want is your receipt.

This breakdown starts from £85 a year.

European Breakdown Cover
If you select this cover than you can enjoy the stress free journey in abroad, because in case you breakdown abroad than we provide some of these benefits:

  • Pay towards the cost of hire car or overnight accommodation during repair
  • If we unable to fix than your car will bring back to UK
  • We will pay for one person to collect your car from Europe when it will be fixed
  • European Breakdown Cover starts from £130 a year.

Some More Reason to Choose Britannia Rescue Breakdown Covers:
  • No call out charges
  • Quality service to the customer
  • Free message relay service
  • 24/7, 365 days a year faster and reliable recovery assistance available
  • Average response time 42 minutes
Breakdown Cover

Breakdown Offers
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